In his Book Psychobabble, Dr Briers lists the “myths” of the self-help genre. These include:

• The root of all your problems is low self-esteem
• Letting your feelings out is good for you
• Emotional intelligence is what really counts
• Your goals power you towards success!
• You are the master of your feelings
• You can “think positive” and be a winner!
• Talking is always good
• CBT is the answer (whatever your problem)
• You can never be too assertive
• Men and women live on different planets
• Your inner child needs a hug
• You can learn to do anything you want
• You are stronger than you know
• You can be a master of the universe!
• There is no failure, only feedback
• It’s all your parents’ fault
• You can heal your body with your mind
• You are in control of your life
• Married bliss is just a matter of give and take
• You can make every second count
• We must all strive to be happy

Etc. etc. etc…