Bob Prophette has three doctrines regarding self help as a new religion

The doctrine of fire

The light within the books of self help should be periodically set free in order to educate the masses as to their wisdom.  The books should be assembled in the shape of a cross or other religious symbol.  For two days and two nights the construction should stand before a crowd of people who will appreciate and understand the meaning of the books.  On the third night the construction should be set ablaze.  The ashes from the construction should be gathered up by the faithful and made available for holy observances.

The doctrine of the tower

Ancient books tell of the construction of a tower, a testament to mankind’s resourcefulness, knowledge and power.  This tower represents scientific discovery. The ability of mankind to look at the face of god and feel pride in their achievements relative to his.  In the story God destroys the tower, undermining man’s achievement and creating confusion. As the rubble and splintered languages of this story are to the magnificent tower as is the confusion set out in the books of self help to the achievements of science. In observance of this doctrine a tower of self help books should be periodically constructed and destroyed.

The doctrine of purification

Self help books must undergo a purification in a body of running water.  The faithful shall each receive a book, hold it to their chests as a holy man holds their bodies and allows them to lean back so that their head and book become submerged.  The faithful shall then release the book, allowing it to float down river.  Upon release the holy man shall pull the faithful from the river.  As the book floats down river it is purified so that the words are no longer visible to man. As the book is purified so are the faithful. Should the receiver not let go of the book they shall not be released from the water.