Like most people I have bought and read self – help books…
When you’re in need of a quick solution, what could be more helpful than a book that promises revolutionary change in a number of quick, easy steps?

In his book from 2012, Psychobabble: Exploding the myths of the Self-Help Generation, Dr Stephen Briers prophetically claimed that self-help is the new religion. Whereas in years gone by people would turn to the church for help, now they go to the book store, browse the shelves until they find the book that promises to help them, with easy steps and fast.

In tribute to Dr Briers book I decided to build, then burn, a crucifix from self-help books. It wasn’t easy and the journey isn’t over yet, but the world’s first self-help crucifix became a reality in 2016 at Festival 23.

The cross was a prototype built with minimal effort to see what could be done.

The crucifix needs to be bigger. Much, much bigger. That’s where I need your help. Please nominate and donate books that you think merit inclusion in the crucifix. See the handy guide to spotting a self-help book and check out the theology behind them.



Bob Prophette and Mr Peter Handley will be attending the Hay on Wye Literature Festival between the 25th of May and the 29th of May to talk about self help, psychobabble, religion and book burning.

They will be collecting donations for the construction of a new, bigger and better crucifix to be burned in 2018.

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